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How can I clean my pressure cooker?

Remove the gasket from the cover and wash the gasket separately Wash the gasket in warm water with a small amount of mild soap and a cloth or sponge. Wash the pressure cooker cover, pot, and gasket with a mild liquid dishwashing soap and a nonabrasive sponge. Rinse the pressure cooker well under clean water.

Do the handles get hot?

Yes they will if they have overstayed unreasonable time.

How can I prevent sticking when cooking?

Do not over heat the pan , cook on a lower heat.

Is non-stick safe?

Yes it’s safe, as long as the pan is not overheated.

Why is All-Tissolli cookware so heavy?

Tissolli Cookware is characterized with the standard body thickness with high quality Stainless steel and suitable for the induction stove with thick bottom.

Do I need to use wood or nylon utensils?

No not necessary, but better to use nylon.

What is the heat mats?

When you take your casserole from the stove and place on the table the heat may not damage the table or cloth.

What is the Sanction knob?

When cooking use suction knob. Lift lid from casserole.

How to Use the Ring, grater and steel handle?

Ring to make grater fit into 24cm casserole and therefore make it easier to grate onion directly in pot.
Handles to take out grater after use.

Why Tri-Ply?

Stainless steel cookware with aluminium for even heat conductivity from bottom to side of walls.

Why pressure cooker valve is juggling?

It juggles when releasing pressure.

How do I return my cookware under guarantee?

Coming in directly to the supplier or doing it by post
Doing it by post the customer will give you there contact details.
Example :
Contact number:
Which set was purchase?:
Then we replace the item when doing it by post.
As soon as the item has been send out, we call the customer to give a reference number.
Coming in directly to the supplier
We repair or exchange the item.
Example: If the pot has a crack or base is at fault then it gets replaced.

How do I clean my All-Tissolli?

Cook away any serious burn marks
If the pan’s burn marks cannot be scrubbed away with baking soda or soap, you can actually attempt to cook them off. Fill the pan with just enough water to cover the damage, and bring the water to a boil on the stove. Add a few spoonfuls of salt to the water, turn off the heat, and let the pan sit for several hours. Dump the water out and try scrubbing away the damage with a scouring pad. If the stains are really burnt on, you can repeat this process again.
You should only add the salt when the water is already boiling. If you add salt to cold water, it might pit the metal.
Instead of the salt, you could also try adding lemon juice or white vinegar to the pan. Another interesting option is to boil 100% tomato juice in the burnt pan. The tomato’s natural acidity is supposed to help remove stains.

Is All-Tissolli dishwasher safe?


How can I clean my Tissolli Dutch oven ?

To remove stuck-on food, scrub the pan with a paste of coarse kosher salt and water. Stubborn food residue may also be loosened by boiling water in the pan.

How many years is Tissolli product warranty?

Tissolli offers life time warranty.

What does the life time warranty cover?

Tissolli warranty cover the whole body and the base of all Tissolli product.

Is all Tissolli cookware induction safe?

Yes all Tissolli cookware is induction safe.

What is induction?

Induction cooking provides faster heating, improves thermal efficiency, and more consistent heating with precise control similar to gas.

What is Thermal Knob?

The Thermal knob is a heat indicator that provides information about the cooking heating degree inside each SS pot/pan.

Is all Tissolli oven-safe?

Only full stainless steel handles are oven safe.