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How to use a Pressure Cooker

The TISSOLLI pressure cooker is a sealed chamber that traps the steam generated as its contents are heated. As steam builds, pressure increases, driving the boiling point of water past 212°F.  In general, this higher temperature shortens cooking times and, due to a lack of evaporation, extracts flavour more efficiently from foods.


  • Use stop-and-go cooking for perfect results.When making a recipe that contains ingredients that cook at different times, begin by partially cooking slow-to-cook foods, such as meat, first. Then use a quick-release method to stop the pressure cooker. Next, add the faster-cooking ingredients — such as green beans or peas — to the meat. Bring the pot back up to pressure again and finish everything up together at the same time.
  • Start off high and finish up low. When cooking in a stove-top pressure cooker, start cooking over high heat. After you reach pressure, lower the burner to a simmer.  automatically.
  • Play burner hopscotch to avoid burning when cooking in a stovetop pressure cooker. When you reach pressure over high heat, you lower the burner to a simmer. Gas burners react quickly, but most electric burners don’t. If you have an electric stove, use two burners: one on high heat to reach pressure and a second set on a low setting to maintain pressure. Switch the pressure cooker over to the burner with the low setting when you reach pressure.
  • Release that pressure. When the food is done cooking under pressure, use an appropriate pressure-release method, according to the recipe you’re making.
  • Temperature-Pressure Ratios for Pressure Cooking
  • Pressure cooking is just what the name says — cooking foods under pressure. You cook foods at a lower temperature, but under much higher pressure than in conventional cooking. The following table translates the pressure setting on your pressure cooker to temperatures and pressure levels:
  • Pressure Setting

    Cooking Temperature

    Pressure Level in Pounds per Square Inch (psi)

    High pressure

    250 degrees

    13–15 psi

    Medium pressure

    235 degrees

    10 psi

    Low pressure

    220 degrees

    3 psi



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